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Off-Road Racing for veterans by veterans

Providing a Unique Approach to Helping Our US Military Veterans of all Generations Through Off-Road Racing 


Making a Difference for Veterans

One Race at a Time


Our Mission

Desert Vets Racing (DVR) is determined to provide immediate team-building, vocational skills, and mental health support access through the sport of racing to US military veterans and active duty personnel - in order to facilitate healthy transitions into civilian life and lower the risk of suicide and substance abuse dependencies.

Our Vision

We believe that the growth of locally oriented grassroots activities that involve a combination of technical skills, adrenaline, team effort, and business/marketing skills will ultimately provide a missing piece to the “veteran puzzle” in minimizing the mental health and substance-related struggles we see today.


Our Mission

How Can We Support Our Military Veterans?

The facts are disturbing and Federal agencies cannot keep up. A small fraction of veterans are thriving, but many are facing immense struggles. We cannot wait for the system to fix itself – we must help via a grassroots approach.

What veterans and active duty men and women truly need is transitional venue or platform to:

  • Build and maintain a sense of group and purpose with like-minded people
  • Provide access to mentally and physically stimulating, but healthy activities
  • Provide access to civilian vocational and career building skills that leverage past military experience
  • Serve as a safety net for mental health crisis both in terms of financial support and a liaison to higher levels of care through the VA or other non-profit mental health/substance abuse programs

Our Goals

Own it. Measure it.
Be Accountable.

  1. Successfully enter and participate in the larger UTV series (BITD/SCORE/SNORE/DP4) where we can showcase our team, our efforts along with highlighting our sponsors. Grow the race program into different chapters across the states.
  2. Expand our program into different chapters to be better able to reach more veterans and active duty members across the United States.  We are currently in CA, NM, CO, NV.
  3. The primary goal with DVR is for any veteran or active duty member to be able to reach out to us for support and/or to come out racing. If they have their own off-road vehicle but do not have the means or ability to be in a race program alone, we would like to be the team they can turn to for guidance and help.
  4. When other race teams may need assistance (pit crew/chase team/co-drivers, etc.), we would like to be the team they can turn to and trust to fill those spots for them.

Beyond Limits

Our People

Our Team
Our Team


What does Desert Vets Racing mean to me? This is a program I started for our vets and active duty to have a home to come to, no matter what the circumstances are. The service leaves a void in a person, and it is not realized until unfortunately it is too late. That is where we step in by giving a veteran hope that in a few weeks they will be out with their brothers and sisters with no judgement, no fear, living life and just letting go for a few days. I did not know I needed this in my life until it was almost too late. I was diagnosed with cancer a year or so after I got out of the service and my life was at a low point. I was by myself mentally and it was shutting me down. Everything is good now, thank God, but it showed me to never put my goals on the backburner. You never know what tomorrow will bring and that is why Desert Vets Racing was founded. Changing lives one race at a time.”

We have very limited funds and with your help we can take this program to new heights. There is no other program like Desert Vets Racing in the off-road community. The changes in personalities/health I have witnessed from people becoming part of DVR is outstanding!


“I am proud to be a member of Desert Vets Racing as it has brought back a lot of the positive aspects of being in the military. As you can tell by my photo, it was taken quite a while ago. I am one of the older members of the team and still enjoy getting out and being with other veterans. It really allows me to have an outlet that I have been missing in my life ever since the year 2000. 

Having a common mission, goals, and completing it and actually winning some of these races is not only fun but reminiscent of what we all did in the military regardless of branch. I am thankful for the team for bringing this back around and being able to contribute to the positive life experiences of other veterans. This is such a fantastic program you should definitely get bigger and with more support we can get more veterans out to enjoy a bucket list item and allow them to network with other military members. A big dream would be to get to go to the SCORE races in Baja and actually compete on a bigger level!” 



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